Slider- Options

Switch to Options Tab and you can see the Slider Options.

Basic Options #

In basic options, you can enable/disable loop, touch move.

Also, you can change the speed of the slide.

Basic Options
Basic Options

Autoplay #

You can change autoplay of the slider from this settings.

After enabling autoplay, you can change delay of autoplay.

Also, enable/disable autoplay- (Disable on interaction, Pause on mouse enter, Reverse direction, Stop on last slide)


Free Mode & Effects #

Free Mode: #

Free mode is smooth scrolling with dragging the slide.

Enable/disable Free Mode with sticky.

Effects #

You can switch between different effects of slider, such as slide, fade, cube, creative, coverflow, flip, cards.

Free mode and Effects
Free mode and Effects

Keyboard & Mouse Control #

You can control slider with keyboard and/or mouse by enabling keyboard control, slide on mousewheel.

Keyboard and Mouse controls
Keyboard and Mouse controls

Pagination & Navigation #

Pagination #

You can show/hide pagination of the slider.

Also, can enable/disable Pagination clickable, dynamic bullets.

Navigation #

You can show/hide navigation of the slider.

Also, you can show/hide navigation, pagination on tablet and mobile.

Pagination and Navigation
Pagination and Navigation

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