Frequently asked questions

Can I add multiple slide in slider? #
  • Yes! you can add as many as slide in single slider.
Is this support responsive for different devices? #
  • Yes! you can set different columns for different devices.
How much customization you give in single slide? #
  • In single slide you can change background, border, content position, title, title color, description, description color, button, button link, button colors(text, background) and active/hover colors(text, background)
Can I change slider options? #
  • Yes! you can change the slider options. There are many options available.
Can I change the style of the slider content? #
  • Yes! you can change all elements visibility, typography, button padding border, also you can style pagination and navigation of slider.
How can I reach customer support if I need any helps? #
I need Plugin customization service, can you help ? #
  • Yes, we provide plugin customization service (Paid). Please send us details via email: [email protected]
How long does it take for a customer support representative to reply? #
  • We try to respond to our customer’s questions ASAP, however, it can take up to 72 hours.
I am planning to buy the Pro version, is it a one-time payment or recurring payment? #
  • You don’t have to pay subscription basis. It’s a one-time payment!
I already have a Single site license, now I am going to move my site to a different domain. Do I have to buy another license? #
  • No, you don’t have to buy a new license. You can go through the previous license!
How I will received a Update notification? #
  • When a new version will be released, you will receive an email notification.

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